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Name: Bjurn Beilson/Featherworth
Gender: Male
Species: Griffon/Griffin/Gryphon (however you want to spell it!)
Birthday: May 19th

Eye color: violet/green (has a sectoral heterochromia iridum {in other words his iris has two colors})
Feathering: chocolate brown/black primaries (heavy feathering for fending off the cold)
Fur: warm gray/black extended tail tuft (thick fur, again, for fending of the cold)

Original home: he was born in the northern mountains to the clan Voinheim, the temperatures vary from freezing point to subzero, only one other clan has claimed territory in that region
Family: Niela Featherworth  (adoptive mother), Twillem Featherworth ( adoptive uncle)
Personality: Bjurn was rather shy in his youth and for a time was afraid of females, despite this he was never considered a 'loner' and had an easy time making friends. He was a cautious child and could be found reading during his spare time. After the mass genocide of his clan, Bjurn developed a tendency to be overprotective or pull a 'big brother' act towards his friends. He considers his friends to be family, thus making it difficult to move out of the friend zone with him.

Likes: Hot chocolate, goat milk products, the cold, Niela Featherworth, books, chinchilla

Extra info: Clan Voinheim is known for being one of the few traditional tribes left in the known world ( their environment played a role in this success)... Like the majority of his eye color Bjurn's eyepatch is also violet... Bjurn has many scars (mainly on the face and tail) from an enemy griffon during the Voinheim genocide (I'll explain this at a much later time.  Maybe as a story..What do y'all think?)

Hey guys, so it's been a while. My scanner is out of commission for a while so I had to mske due with my phone camera....not the best quality but hey ig works! Anywho, this is Niela's adopted son. I'm working on my 2nd gen kids and I couldn't think of a biological heir for her, so then I figured when all else fails adopt instead! I really love his design and I hope that y'all do too!
Bjurn Beilson/Featherworth
So I should probably mention that I'm using the the DA app on my phone, and for some reason it refuses to display the category list for me. Strange right?
Vanitus Trablour by StellaFlamma
Vanitus Trablour
Name: Vanitus Trablour (often called Van or Trouble)

Species: Draconequus

Age: adolescent (however old that would be for one of his kind)

Gender: Male

Family: Discord (distant cousin)

Personality: Intelligent, introverted, vain, aloof, snarky, selfish

Likes: pulling elaborate pranks (whoopee-cushion and glue don't cut it), jewelry, being alone, talking with himself, picking on ponies and other creatures, the  color black, other malicious creatures (such as Nightmare Moon, King Sombra, etc.), peaches and black forest cake

Dislikes: Goodie-to-shoes characters, having to 'socialize' with others, Discord, the Princesses and main six, flirtatious females/males, not being in charge

Bio: Back in the old days life was good for Vanitus. He had control over the realm of chaos (after Celestia and Luna trapped his cousin ,Discord, in stone) and was in blissful seclusion. The perfect combination! That was until Discord came back! Not only did the older Draconequus kick Van off the throne, but he ordered him to go out and make friends with the (and these are his exact words) 'pitiful yet homely pony creatures'! Yeah. That wasn't happening.
  Van fled the realm of chaos and  began researching the events of the past year. Turned out that a band of friendship crazed ponies were to blame for the return of Discord, and the defeat of many great dictators! He hated that. Over time he had invested his talents in a few 'champions' as he called them to take down the pestering petty ponies. However his so called champions failed at their missions, forcing him to erase their memories of his involvement. He pops up around Equestria every now and then, spo watch out!  

Vanitus is up for rp ,just comment away! :D
Iron Shadow: Revised by StellaFlamma
Iron Shadow: Revised
  I've been meaning to remake this guy for the past year now so I really hope the wait was worth it.

Name: Iron Shadow

Gender: Male

Family: Eloise Éclair (wife), Rosalie Rapier (daughter), Clementine Amoeur (son), Ace (brother), Flaming Arrow (brother)

Occupation: Equestria Military Officer

Likes: Serving his country, strategy games, the barracks, ponies with strong morals, his family, training, vanilla truffles

Dislikes: malicious dictatorships, failing a mission, disobedient subordinates, grapes, the idea of his daughter being harmed in combat, being away while his troops are still at the front lines

Updated Bio: All I can really say is this. CONGRATS ACE AND FLAME HE'S FINNALLY HITCHED!!!!!!! ( *applause and victory cries erupt from background*)  
  So if any of you have read his 1st gen. biography before (if you haven't then just check the first few sections of my gallery for the pic) then you will remember that Iron resides in Canterlot and serves as a military officer. However, over the last few years a few things have changed. First of all; he's now married to the lovely Prench pony, Eloise Éclair. (her bio has al of the details covered) Second; he now has two foals, Rosalie Rapier and Clementine Amoeur. (please view their profiles for more info)
 Ace and Flaming Arrow stop by and visit him very often, especially after the foals were born, and so have a much better  relationship than before.

Authors Note: Hey guys! So as I said earlier; I really hope you all like his new design. Almost every time I start drawing a new oc a small voice in the back of my mind starts poking at me, "'Hey what about those other guys you still need to work on, huh? Those poor guys are dying of neglect!'" then I try convincing myself that I'll draw them afterwards, then BOOM!!! It's been two years! Anyways, I should work on Ace next. SHOULD. We'll see what happens.

Feel free to comment or RP, I love hearing from you guys!
Edame Orchid by StellaFlamma
Edame Orchid
This is Edame's body profile. Not to bad for 5cm. tall filly right?

Open for rp
RdRH App: Edame Orchid by StellaFlamma
RdRH App: Edame Orchid
Name: Edame Orchid
Gender: Female
Species: Equarus Perexiguus ( lit. Very Small Horse)

Species Info: Equarus Perexiguus ( a.k.a: s. Thimblefoot pl. Thimblefeet) are a race of endangered ponies that are a close relative to the Breezies. Like their distant cousins these creatures are diminutive in size ranging from 4-6cm. tall. They also posses the same love for nature and are adept botanists and gardeners. However, Thimblefeet do not posses wings or antennae as the Breezies do and cannot alternate their living arrangements on a large scale. Most Thimblefeet steer clear of Thumpers (normal sized ponies) due to their constant fear of being stepped on.
Thimblefeet originate from what they still consider to be Germania.

Physical Description: Edame is approximately 5cm. tall. Her body is a light olive green while her mane and tail is black with a violet hue, her eyes are fuchsia colored . She's often seen in a faded dress with a leaf saddlebag, orange glassed goggles, some thorn arrows, blue thread attached to a grappling hook, and a bent sewing needle used as a small bow.

Bio. Facts (because full biographies take a long time to write out):

*Edame comes from a small Thimblefoot town called BursBrood In the Black Forest
*If she had a cutiemark it would be of a grappling hook and rope because of her talent for exploration.
*She decide to attend RedRidge after reading about it on the internet the first time she visited a Thumper town. She thought it would be a great opportunity to learn more about the bigger ponies and their inventions.
*Edame loves recreating inventions created by thumpers into smaller versions for herself. That's how she came up with the needle bow and grappling hook. She is currently working on a design for a glider and boat.
*Favourite school subjects are Geometry, Home ec, and Physics

Personality: Adventurous, curious, outgoing, risk-taker, stubborn, intelligent

Likes: Building new contraptions, seeing new things, using her needle bow, collecting random objects, heights, music, pie

Dislikes: Rain, squirrels/chipmunks/birds/cats (all are natural predators), staying still for too long

Classes: Main 4, Metal/Wood working, Home economics

Sports: Archery

Groups:  Outdoor Action/ Junior Military Cadets

Dorm Room: A1 (hopefully)

After School Job: NA
Tagged by the lovely glitter fairy :iconpookastrainer:

A 🔢 Age : 17. People, however, tend to believe I'm older.....what sucks is they refuse to tell me how they came to that deduction....

B ⚠ Biggest Fear : when you're snorkeling and go over that sudden drop on the ocean floor, and all you can think of is, " DADDY HELP MEEE!!!!!"

C 🕛 Current Time : 6:30 a.m. ish

D ☕ Drink You Had Last : Earls Grey Tea ( yes like Jean Luc Picard)

E ✔ Easiest Person To Talk To : God, animals, and myself.....people don't like to listen to my thesis', deductions, or theories.....

F ☺ Favorite Movie : Ah crud, where do I start? Um, let's see.....the Princes bride, The Nightmare before Christmas, ALL Jurassic park movies ( yes, that is including The Lost World. Believe it or not it wasn't as bad as most people say), STAR WARS (all of them. And BTW, if anyone here is responsible for the hate mail George received because of JarJar and co. leave because I hate you and your disrespect for Lucas's work!)

G ☹ Grossest Memory : Seeing my friends mom naked...... would it have killed her to lock the freaking bathroom door?!?!

H 🏠 Hometown : Marble Falls, Texas. A peaceful town great for new families, retiring city folk, or vacations (during spring)

I 💕 In Love With : Anime.

J 🎸 Jealous Of : The kids who don't blame 9-11 for their lifestyle 

K 🔪 Killed Someone : If only there was knife everytime someone provoked me....

L 💍 Longest Relationship : *stuffs ice cream in mouth and pauses Disney movie* What relationship?

M ⍟ Middle Name : Barbara....yep two b's, two r's, and three a's all in one....

N ⚄ Number of Siblings : One brother who's almost precisely one year, eleven months my subordinate ( a.k.a. I'm the eldest)

O 💫 One Wish : To have a plethora of fandom friends to geek out or fangirl after seing Jurassic World, the Kingdom Hearts III trailer, or that scene when Jellal almost kissed Erza...

P ☎ Person Who You Last Called : Mom. She couldn't find her phone.

Q ‽ Question You're Always Asked : 
Person: "What's your name?"
Me: "Jade."
Person: "Sorry, I didn't catch that..uh Jane?"
Me: "No, Jade. Like the stone."
Person: "Ohhhh ok, Jade. How old are you?"
Me: "17."
Person: "WTH?!?! You're freaking 17?!?!"
Me: " old did you think I was?"
Person: "IDK, 20-25. At least!
Person: "So that lady is she your older sister?"
Me:".......that's my mom......."

And that ladies and gents is why I don't have friends!

R ☻ Reason To Smile : One day closer to heaven! Talking/playing with animals of all kinds, praying, drawing, clasical music, natural surroundings, being hugged by a happy kid you literally just met, people getting your references

S ♫ Song Last Sang : "It's never too late", Three Days Grace

T 👉 Time You Woke Up : 5:05 a.m.

U 👙 Underwear Color : Black and white polka-dot

V ✈ Vacation Destination : Honalulu, Hawaii. My grandmother lives there so it's cheaper to stay.

W ✘ Worst Habit : Tapping my fingers to a tune I'm trying to recreate in my mind.....this annoys most people I'm in contact with...

X 💀 X-Rays You've Had : Once when I was three, I fell in a parking lot and somehow fractured my arm. Dad thought I was just sore until the second day after it actually happened, and then decided we should get a doctors appointment......I was a three year old dad. Was I supposed to tell you it was broken and that I needed a doctor? Yeah, thanks for caring....
It wasn't all bad though. A week or so later my grandma took myself and a few of my older cousins to Disneyland just for the heck of it and the actors we met agreed to autograph my cast. So yeah, that was the best year of my life! ♡ 

Y 🍬 Your Favorite Food : Stir fry, fried rice, ice cream, fruit (excluding kiwi) and tender steak

Z ♊ Zodiac Sign: Libra, the scales. 
Chinese Zodiac: year of the Tiger (or Tora) So I'm the Scales of the Tiger? XD

👣 Now Challenge 5 People

Come now dearies, there's no escaping fate! 
:iconnixrosa: :iconrotorix: :iconwolf12832: :iconiiicrewsalonian: :iconthenarffy:

Or anyone who wants to try! :D (Big Grin)


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Star Fire
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Well lets see, I'll start with my likes.
I love animals, drawing, school (you haven't met my family), Kingdom Hearts (video and Manga), mlp fim (their cute), sonic the hedgehog, making ocs, Disney movies, Latin, dragons, fantasy stuff, reading, And above all the Lord God my creator ( he's awesome :D )
And much more.

Things I don't like.
Lies, sin, cruelty, folkes who are inconsiderate jerks!

I don't have many close friends (lets go with none) and so it's a pleasure to be able to socialize with other artists/fans/people in general right here on DA! I'm always looking for new inspiration for art and appreciate any tips you might have for me!

Born: 1998

P.s. I'm also Texan so please forgive me if I type things like y'all, hun, or anything that might seem a bit odd...

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